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Like the sanctimonious who say the poor should have less fun and work more; I can’t say I feel sorry for the Illiterate and get away with it. As one who suffers from Innumeracy I don’t dare pass judgement on those not able to read or write. No matter how well I do both I still can’t calculate myself out of an algebra equation.

There are those too busy inventively finding their way around poverty to know where or what Cabinda is, and then there are those Enviables, who know what the au courant baubles are, but not the mines or regions from which the minerals their newfangled frippery came.

What a shame it took so long for Kai Krause to come along. Krause is a GUI designer who sets things straight by reaffirming the point that our perception of Africa is all too skewed. Krause, in a decidedly graspable manner drafts a map that shows the true size of the continent. I actually do know where and what Cabinda is but I didn’t know America could fit into Africa twice.


The True Size of Africa

The True Size of Africa. A small contribution in the fight against Immappancy, by Kai Krause.


Krause’s map disturbs the sediment to reveal more than a collective false impression, calling on that part of ourselves that wishes to know more about our world. When we compare the distorted geographic projections of the widely used Mercator maps which amplify the size of the developed north, versus the  area-accurate Peters projections, which display a much longer, elegant geographical Africa, and a smaller America and China, it’s as if a veil has been lifted. Begging the question; when last did you see a Peters projection? Krause lays out his graphic with the express purpose of visually illustrating the fact that Africa is much larger than most assume. Leaving out Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Europe, Krause purposefully utilizes the more familiar shape of the continents to illustrate his point without getting pedantic; ‘I chose to retain the commonly known outlines and proportions to tell the story, even if this conservative size hasʻleft-over partsʼ.

Krause named his clever cartographic nudge in the right direction Immappancy; the lack of geographic and place name knowledge. A fresh term which captures the essence of our misinterpretation of the true size of Africa, but also the actual need for us to wipe our slates clean of Immappancy. Why on earth should someone who knows how to pair the perfect wine with this evenings catch of the day not know the lake from which the days catch came.

Here at Another Africa we’ve pledged to fight immappancy. At the very end of our articles our readers will find a link to a map of the places mentioned or discussed in the article just read. This way we can put the pieces of our big world together, together. Hopefully opening up new worlds.

Written by Kyle Tregurtha.


Cabinda Free State | Doing our part to end Immappancy


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