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Jackie Nickerson | Terrain, An Atypical View on Farming

Jackie Nickerson | Terrain, An Atypical View on Farming

Soft muted colours, abstraction, sculptural configurations, farm equipment as quasi readymades. Not exactly what you’d expect from a photo essay on agribusiness and that is exactly the point.¬† Terrain is meant to be…

Featured | Mote Sinabel | Roots of Life, vol.2 sand

Featured | Mote Sinabel | Namibian Roots of Life

Roots of Life, an impressive photographic body of work by Japanese photographer and artist Mote Sinabel, speaks a subtle yet complex visual language.¬†Commissioned by Nanamica and North Face Japan, the photographic expeditions to…

Featured | Dillon Marsh | Namibia Travel Series

A photographic series by South African photographer Dillon Marsh taken during his travels in southern Namibia and the Richtersveld, a national park in South Africa straddling the Namibian border.   About Dillon Marsh…

Jackie Nickerson

This Is Not Fashion

Farm, a photographic series by Jackie Nickerson produced during a three year sojourn in Southern Africa that began in 1997.

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