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The Allure of Beastly Beings

The photographic journey of Phyllis Galembo captures the human fascination with disguise and the value of animal form in theatrical ritual © Phyllis Galembo. Giraffes, Jacmel, Haiti, 1998.   Whether you open a book, gaze upon a…

Tracing Emerging Contemporary Art Practice in Nigeria

Exploring the nexus of Nigeria’s local and diasporic artistic production   © Nkiru Oparah, poetics of reverie, 2014.   Often referred to by some as the “Giant of Africa”, Nigeria has long been…

Expanding intercultural dialogue in Nigeria

Marc-Andre Schmachtel on the Goethe-Institut and its commitment to intercultural exchange and local artistic discourse 2012 saw the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Lagos, Nigeria. Originally established in 1962–two…

Emerging Abroad: Contributing to Nigerian art from afar

In conversation with Nkechi Ebubedike on her experience as a young artist connected to but working outside of Nigeria   © Nkechi Ebubedike, Bright Boys, 2011.   “Why not focus on any culture’s…

Ojeikere, A Compelling Monograph on a Photographic Legend

Ojeikere, A Compelling Monograph on a Photographic Legend

J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere’s iconic black and white images chronicle more than six decades of societal, historic and cultural shifts across Nigeria. His hip studio portraits document west African flair. Images of architectural landscapes…

In Conversation With Emeka Ogboh on Lagos, and Listening To The World In a Musical Way

Spring makes noise. And the spring of 2011 seemed to make more of it – different kinds, and more than usual.

Jelili Atiku | A Performance Artists’ Efforts Towards Visual Education & Change

Jelili Atiku invites spectators to become a component of social development, an opportunity to recalibrate their reality and renew their perceptions. Atiku utilises a plethora of methods and media coupled with his acute focus to undertake…

Everyday Africa | When Social Media Is A Game Changer

Everyday Africa | When Social Media Is A Game Changer

What happens every 60 seconds in Africa? A minute passes. Perhaps you’ve come across the meme that’s made the Internet rounds since last year.

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