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An Artist’s Perspective on Africa at the Armory: An Interview with Ato Malinda

Ato Malinda. On Fait Ensemble, film still from video, 2010. Courtesy of Circle Art Gallery.   Ato Malinda is a dynamic artist who has gained international prominence for her performance and video works….


The Allure of Beastly Beings

The photographic journey of Phyllis Galembo captures the human fascination with disguise and the value of animal form in theatrical ritual © Phyllis Galembo. Giraffes, Jacmel, Haiti, 1998.   Whether you open a book, gaze upon a…


Deciphering the Traditional Symbology of Contemporary Masks

Our intertwined history with the undeniably disparate act of disguise has assured the immeasurable quality of mask design. Masking can be as lighthearted as it is significant – from the playful finishing touch…

Featured | Jean-Claude Moschetti | Volta Noire

Jean-Claude Moschetti | The Vibrant Otherworldly Masqueraders of Burkina Faso

Costumes and mask have come to be emblematic of popular culture and mass consumption. It’s true in the West, and certainly so in North America. Panic typically strikes when a friend hosts the…

Jean-Claude Moschetti | Magic on Earth

Jean-Claude Moschetti | Magic on Earth

Deep within the embrace of the forest there exists a mysterious presence. The natural world offers an abundance of knowledge that surpasses what can be seen, glimmering just beneath the surface. The familiar…



Natural order chaos to balance draws me into your madness Vince Wilson, 2012 Adornate, is a series created by K.L.V. in collaboration with Another Africa. The images take inspiration from the traditions of…



From The Guise Of Many From the guise of many, we fall into the guise of one creating within it our own mystery. Within the guise of many, we still try to hide…

Diptych Part IV | Masquerade Pantomimicry

Diptych Part IV | Masquerade Pantomimicry

‘Masquerade Pantomimicry‘, inspired by West African masqueraders.   A collaboration project with K.L.V. On view, the ingenuity of African masqueraders, gleaning mother nature’s closet to create visually arresting disguises.  Juxtaposed with contemporary art and…

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