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Haitian Stories of Resistance

In conversation with activist and visual artist Ismael Ogando, on counter narratives and historical re-enactments at the 4th Ghetto Biennale. The last 30 years have brought African and Caribbean art to the global…

Mary Sibande | Triumph Over Prejudice

Mary Sibande | Triumph Over Prejudice

© Mary Sibande. Her Majesty Queen Sophie, 2010. Courtesy of Gallery Momo, Johannesburg.   The art of Mary Sibande tells the tale of her alter-ego character, ‘Sophie’, a domestic servant who finds refuge…

The Stranger In Marrakech

Guest contribution by Satoko Shibahara, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. “Void/Between”, the title of an essay first published in 2011 by artist Megumi Matsubara is also the rubric of her recent intervention, a…

Featured | Mounir Fatmi

Featured | Mounir Fatmi

‘The Lost Springs’, a minimal and poetic installation consisting of the twenty-two flags of the nations belonging to the League of Arab States resting at half-mast.

Xander Ferreira

If I Ruled The World

Ferreira’s artwork The Status Of Greatness uses wit and satire through the artifice of the fictional character Gazelle to reveal the mechanics of political and cultural celebrity common to numerous post-independence African states. Pray tell who could be his stylistic inspiration, none other than one former Zairean President perhaps….

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