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Moving Forward | A Yala Africa Photographic Initiative

Moving Forward | A Yala Africa Photographic Initiative

“The future of Africa lies in its youth…” says Hategeka Moses of Yala Africa.  A continent with a median age of 19 years old as of 2011*, Hategaka’s words ring more than pertinent….

The Black Gypsy | Meet Sam Lambert

The Black Gypsy | Meet Sam Lambert

“It’s rude to stare at people!” my mother used to tell me as a child. I know she was right yet in some circumstances, I maintain it’s just simply unavoidable. In fashion invariably…

Asmawa | Beautiful Nuance in The Fixed

Asmawa | Beautiful Nuance in The Fixed

Guest contribution by Michael Thorsby Modern life offers chances to broaden horizons, yet how many of us live within the boundaries of a 15″ computer screen for most of our waking hours? Reading…

Buy Peace For Free

On December 15, 1969 a seed was planted to imagine a world that could be peaceful – without violence, without frustration and without fear. Yoko Ono & John Lennon conceived the unconventional yet stealthy…


Putting Pen To Paper | Homage To Architects of Yester-Year

There is something particular and emotive about the skilled human touch. Despite living in a modern age, where computers, 3D rendering softwares and large plotters bring a level of precision and consistency I am still quite charmed by the hand drawn sketches of the skilled draftsman and architect of days gone by.

Assistant X Another Africa | Constructing New Experiences

Another Africa is about bringing a new vision to stories about Africa and the intersections that happily occur when people of different cultures find points of interest in this magical continent. For our latest experience, we travel to Tokyo to participate in an ephemeral 2 day event, D♥Y held at Claska earlier this month.

Fiat Tagliero

Asmara | A Hidden Architectural Gem

Aptly, the first post for Another Africa should be about the city of Asmara where the seed for the project found nurturing ground. I was amazed to find out that along with Tel Aviv, Miami South Beach and Napier, Asmara has one of the worlds largest collections of modernist and art deco architecture.

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