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Antoine Schneck | A Hyper-reality of Burkinabé Portraiture

French photographer Antoine Schneck stands tall in the flooded world of portraiture with his use of incredibly detailed imagery on vacant black backgrounds. Voluntary models from Burkina Faso are presented in an alternative…

Featured | Antoine Tempé | Danseurs D'Afrique

Antoine Tempé | Danseurs D’Afrique

An image that eloquently suggests motion, if done well commands a certain degree of respect for in the static the kinetic is alluded.  Since launching the series Danseurs D’Afrique more than a decade ago,…

Fabrice Monteiro | A Gorean Summer

Fabrice Monteiro | Summertime and The Living is Easy on Gorée Island

‘Joie de vivre’, the French phrase that has comfortably made its way into the English language. As in its original meaning, we English speakers also use it to convey that carefree attitude and…

Graphically Speaking

Graphically Speaking

When we recently spotted Tanzanian-born model Herieth Paul dressed in a Gareth Pugh body suit, the image immediately struck us, that is graphically speaking.

Malick Sidibe

Bamako: A Glimpse To The Backside of The Moon

A few years back, if asked where is Bamako, I would have been hard pressed to tell you. Obviously that is not the case now, but one more reason to know where this city lies is Malick Sidibé.

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