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The Allure of Beastly Beings

The photographic journey of Phyllis Galembo captures the human fascination with disguise and the value of animal form in theatrical ritual © Phyllis Galembo. Giraffes, Jacmel, Haiti, 1998.   Whether you open a book, gaze upon a…

Humble Jerry Cans Transformed into Striking Political Masks

Artist Romuald Hazoumè’s modern day reinterpretations of a traditional practice – masking – speaks volumes on cultural imperialism, black markets and death.

Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou | Demoiselles de Porto-Novo

Existing within the faded walls of a family home at the centre of one city’s complex history, these are the Demoiselles de Porto Novo. © Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou. Untitled from the series Demoiselles…

Cyprien Tokoudagba | Vodun, Animalia and the Twelve Kings of Abomey

Cyprien Tokoudagba | Vodun, Animalia and the Twelve Kings of Abomey

The late Cyprien Tokoudagba had an undeniable talent for crafting windows into complex spiritual planes. These worlds are dominated by the haunting visages of animal and human hybrids, saturated with the diversity of…

Fabrice Monteiro | A Beautiful Nightmare

Fabrice Monteiro | Marron, A Beautiful Nightmare on Shackles & Slavery

Marron, is a beautiful nightmare. A photographic re-enactment of one of the horrors of slavery – the shackle. The devices depicted are based on historical documentation of these savage devices used to subdue,…

Jean-Claude Moschetti | Magic on Earth

Jean-Claude Moschetti | Magic on Earth

Deep within the embrace of the forest there exists a mysterious presence. The natural world offers an abundance of knowledge that surpasses what can be seen, glimmering just beneath the surface. The familiar…

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