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56th Venice Biennale | An Uneven African Presence

Beyond Okwui Enwezor’s ‘All the World’s Futures’ exhibition, the visibility of African artists in both National Pavilions and collateral events is limited and only offers a glimpse of the continent’s rich visual practices….

89plus | JODY BRAND

Whose voices represent half of the world’s population? Those born in 1989 and later. They are only now beginning to be heard and made more prolific by the digital age which also so…

Athi-Patra Ruga | This Future Myth Sublimated In 2D

Athi-Patra Ruga | This Future Myth Sublimated In 2D

In eras past they were considered of higher standing and more precious than painting or sculpture. According to a recent New York Times article tapestries are making a ‘comeback.’ This century they hang within…

Athi-Patra Ruga | Azania Must Go Pagan

Studio Visit in Azania with Athi-Patra Ruga

The future holds an exotic interest for artist Athi-Patra Ruga. Athi’s fate is one governed by classical forms of camp and the spirits of utopia; another dimension in which a Xhosa traditionalist and…

‘…probably the world’s first IM performance’ by Athi-Patra Ruga and Linda Stupart

‘very obsessed with the whole “death of venus” thing in life…’ By Athi-Patra Ruga and Linda Stupart

7:35 PM Athi-Patra | hey linda sorry am late.   are you there.  Linda | hey yay   how you?   its cool 7:36 PM Athi-Patra | am good, family and work and aaaaah.  Linda | what you…

Uncles Touch | Mixtape by athi-patra ruga

Tell Nobody | mixtape by athi-patra ruga

Uncles Touch, the moniker that South African artist Athi-Patra Ruga goes by when he hits the decks, sends us from Cape Town with love the mixtape ‘Tell Nobody’  made especially for  Another Africa.

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