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Creating Your Own Image of Makoko

Creating Your Own Image of Makoko

Guest Contribution by Andrea Stultiens Observations and thoughts on The Silent Majority Project, a photography and public art project in urban slum, Makoko. In an exhibition on American photography in 1978, MoMA curator…

For a Future, Past & Present Perfect | The Kaddu Wasswa Archive

For a Past, Present Future Perfect | The Kaddu Wasswa Archive

  If given the opportunity, can people write their own history?

In Control

In Control

INTRODUCTION Despite all the advancements of modern photography, being skilled at taking photographs must take various factors into consideration. For instance, are you actually in control of your image-making device but first and…

A Tale of Two Cities, Kyabahinga & Kreilerood

A Tale of Two Cities, Kyabahinga & Kreileroord

Though this is not always the case nor always their intended purpose, photographs can sometimes help us to better understand our world. Continuing our ongoing dialogue this month of August 2011 with Dutch…


The Photographic Selection Process

INTRODUCTION A good photographer doesn’t just know when to push the button, but also knows which images from the usually larger number of photographs to choose and publish. Selecting and editing is an…

A Photographer in Uganda

A Photographer in Uganda

INTRODUCTION The number of photographers in Uganda is amazing. Everywhere you look, you see signs advertising photography studios. They take headshots but also portraits for special occasions and often document functions and gatherings…

Bayimba Photography Workshop No.2, Kampala, Uganda

Bayimba Photography Workshop No. 2

INTRODUCTION The Start. The most appealing thing about teaching is that it makes me think about the basics of photography.

Central Art Studio Ltd.

The Art of Storytelling | Andrea Stultiens

From Uganda, this month we join Dutch artist and photographer, Andrea Stultiens. Her work probes the question – How can we tell meaningful stories that are relevant to different audiences for different reasons?

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