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Khaled Hafez on the Metamorphic Nature of Animals and Iconography

In a remodelling of cultural paradigms, Khaled Hafez constructs a fictitious universe where gods, animals and advertising collide.  *Click images  to enlarge. © Khaled Hafez. Houston Runners, 2014. Courtesy of the artist.   Cairo…

*****EpiSode SpeZiaL*****The Daily African Revisit!! WHERE ARE THEY NOW? *****************************

*****EpiSode SpeZiaL*****The Daily African Revisit!! WHERE ARE THEY NOW? ********

  In 2001 Diesel had a rather titillating fantasy. Swedish ad agency Paradiset DDB and photographer Ellen Von Unwerth allowed the brand to slip into reverie when together they put forth the Daily…

Vivienne Westwood | A Slight of Caste & Casting

Vivienne Westwood | A Slight of Cast, Caste & Casting

Not since the emergence of Bakelite have the possibilities of plastic been so refreshingly attractive. In 2011, second-hand  plastic in Nairobi got a new lease on life;  it had found its way into…


No Concept, But Good Sense: Township Barbershops Signs Of South Africa

The black townships of South Africa seem to be the fertile ground for at least one kind of entrepreneurialism, the Barbershop & Salon. Popping up over night in some cases, they offer their…


Buy Peace For Free

On December 15, 1969 a seed was planted to imagine a world that could be peaceful – without violence, without frustration and without fear. Yoko Ono & John Lennon conceived the unconventional yet stealthy…

The Zimbabwean: Trillion Dollar Campaign

Money Matters

We can all get a bit jaded with advertising then out of the blue a stealthy idea appears breaking through the white noise, an intelligent disruption. In 2009, South African based ad agency TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris, did just that when they devised The Trillion Dollar campaign.

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