In Focus | Andrea Stultiens

In Focus | Andrea Stultiens

From Kenya, the first location for our ‘In Focus‘ series, we move forward to another East Africa nation Uganda. There we will join Dutch artist/photographer and teacher, Andrea Stultiens. Since 2001, she has been travelling to Uganda and has produced various thought provoking poignant photographic narratives, including ‘Pose.’ A book we reviewed in the article,  Xanadu, Where Are You?

During the upcoming series, we will learn more about her practice and considerations on how to create meaningful visual narratives as well as the inherit challenges present in the medium of photography. In addition, stay tuned this month as we join her to share stories from the second Photography workshop currently underway in Kampala. A program that she is running for a second-year in a row on behalf of Bayimba Cultural Foundation.

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Andrea Stultiens does things with photographs. She makes them, collects them, looks at them, thinks and writes about them, and sometimes she makes the results of this visible for the rest of the world. She is amazed by how we are influenced by our environment. By how we take control of that environment, how we mould a fictional variant of ‘real life’ and remember it with the help of photography.

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