Radio OK Fred x Another Africa



Yoshi Tsujimura (L), Missla Libsekal (M), Audrey Fondecave (R)

On a recent trip to Tokyo  founder of Another Africa, Missla Libsekal joined Tokyo-basedRadio OK Fredfor a special podcast session with musical selections from Africa.

The selected tracks take you around the continent with Malian sounds from famed blind couple Amadou & Mariam to London-based Afro-beat/Grime MC, Afrikan Boy, to  some of the latest sounds coming out of South Africa from musical wizard and canny pop-culture interloperSpoek Mathambo.

No particular method to the madness aside from the tracks being sounds that have come into her sights within the last couple of weeks. So let the varied sounds of Africa waft through your summer days for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, and warm your winter nights for those of our readers in the Southern Hemisphere…..

Download the podcast here.

Track Listing

1.  “Warm Heart of Africa” – The Very Best feat. Ezra Koenig
2.  “Double Dutch” – Malcolm Mclaren
3. ” Pata Pata” – Miriam Makeba
4. “Sabali” – Amadou & Mariam
5.  “Chic Africa” – Gazelle
6. “Mugwanti” – DJ Mujava
7. “Lagos Town – Afrikan Boy
8. “Ayobaness” – Pastor Mbhobho
9. “Aha” – Dirty Parraffin
10. “Too High” – Schlachthofbronx feat. Spoek Mathambo
11. “Mshini Wam” –  Speok Mathambo & Mshini Wam


About Radio OK Fred

Radio OK FRED launched in 2003, is a music radio podcast hosted by Tokyo-based writerJean Snow, and Tokyo publishers OK FREDDERS Yoshi Tsujimura and Audrey Fondecave. Since their early days, Radio OK FRED continues to bring you the freshest sounds from around the globe. Notable collaborators with music industry personalities include French producer and DJ extraordinaire Michel Gaubert, chanteuse and artist Alex Murray-Leslie  from the innovative art collective Chicks on Speed to Marie Branellec, who works together with Gaubert producing the compilations for Paris-based bastion of fashion and all things trendy, Colette.

Aside from Radio, OK FRED publishes a bi-lingual Japanese & English pop culture magazine of the same namesake founded in 2001. Stay tuned for more remarkable content with their soon to be launched,  TOO MUCH a new magazine project about cities and architecture coming out this September 2010.

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