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In the series Boujmal, Nicène Kossentini draws on her history, memory and Tunisian roots. The images, prints composited on a backdrop of lake Boujmal a dried up salt lake and landmark in her natal city of Sfax, Tunisia. On this image and motif she layers portraits of her maternal ancestors, her great-grandmothers, grandmother and mother. These images speaking of her metaphorical introspection, exploring memory and notions of time, past and present. Embedded is a sentence without start nor end, without punctuation nor meaning – an unintelligible phrase referencing an unretrievable past, lost to the sands of time with only an outline to allude to its existence.


Nicène Kossentini (b. 1976  Sfax, Tunisia) is a photographer/video-maker that lives and works in Tunisia. A graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts in Tunisia and Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg, she has also studied at Le Fresnoy in Tourcoing, and Les Gobelins in Paris. She has exhibited frequently in Tunisia, South Africa, Mali, Switzerland and Norway. She is represented by Selma Feriani Gallery.


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