Ethiopia, In Motion

Known for its blistering long distance runners, Ethiopia now leads the pack in another arena. As of May 2012, Ethiopia has the fastest growing non-oil African economy according to the IMF and The Economist.


Fitsum Abebe Getahun, Addis Moving.

Fitsum Abebe Getahun, Addis Moving.

Translating this palpable and somewhat chaotic moment of change, blogazine Addis Rumble invited novice photographers based in Ethiopia to enter their inaugural annual photo competition themed, ‘moving.’

Ethiopia is long overdue to join in the photographic renaissance taking shape throughout the continent.  The reticence largely due to the common perception that photography unlike painting, a fine art,  is not a serious medium for artistic expression. So it has been limited to the realm of documentation and photo-journalism or wedding cum studio portraiture.

Addis Rumble however is hoping to put a chink in that metaphorical armour. The call to arms,  encouraging would-be photographers to use whatever camera in their disposal, whether it be on a mobile phone or digital SLR, to express themselves and capture something ‘moving’.

The competition entries nuance a nation labouring and lurching as it dashes towards its millennium development goals. In the face of transition,  the juxtaposition between a pastoralist  way of life and citified most stark in urban centres like Addis Ababa.

Another Africa presents ten of the jury selected thirty photographs.  Addis Moving, by Fitsum Abebe Getahun takes first place bestowing him a digital camera followed by Senay Tegenu and Biruk Haile in second and third.

The group show, Moving Ethiopia will be be on exhibit in Addis Ababa during the month of June 2012.


Senay Tegenu, Escape From Rain.

Senay Tegenu, Escape From Rain.



Biruk Haile, Stand Tall Walk Strong.

Biruk Haile, Stand Tall Walk Strong.



Abera Minuyelet, Women's Hard Work Never End.

Abera Minuyelet, Women’s Hard Work Never Ends.



Sarah Kohls: Grey Donkey vs. Blue Donkey. Who has more horsepower?

Sarah Kohls, Grey Donkey vs. Blue Donkey. Who has more horsepower?



Slyvain Rocher. Eagle on the Meat Market of Harar

Sylvain Rocher, Eagle on the Meat Market of Harar.



Lisa Bogerts. Donkey Passing Chicken.

Lisa Bogerts, Donkey Passing Chicken.



Ginet Zinabou, Judah's Lioness.

Genet Zinabou, Judah’s Lioness.



Borja Santos, Gumuz Moving.

Borja Santos, Gumuz Moving.



Matthieu Perissé, Flying.

Matthieu Perissé, Flying.


‘Moving Ethiopia’
May 26 – July 2, 2012.
Lime Tree Café  | Boston Building off Bole Road  Tel | +251 116 630 872

Sponsored by Heinrich Böll Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Lime Tree Café.



Addis Rumble is an Addis-based blog celebrating creative forces in Ethiopia as well as the rest of the African continent. Through arts, music and culture we seek to create positive awareness about Ethiopia and to facilitate international attention to the sprouting arts-scene in the country. Addis Rumble is founded by Karen Obling and Andreas Hansen in 2011. 

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    some beautiful…..shots! Congratulations to the participants and the organizers. Hope to join next time.

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