Inspired | Cairo

© Lisi Badia | Barcelona. SHOW US YOUR TYPE. November 2011.

© Lisi Badia | Barcelona.

© Stefanos Potamidis | Thessaloniki SHOW US YOUR TYPE. November 2011.

© Stefanos Potamidis | Thessaloniki.

© Julmeme | Tokyo.

© Konstantinos Trichas | Athens.

© Konstantinos Trichas | Athens.

©  Bosco | Valencia. SHOW US YOUR TYPE. November 2011.

© Bosco | Valencia.


Online magazine, Show Us Your Type curated by Neue combines two passions, typography and geography. Each issue features a new city where designers from around the globe contributing their visual ideations on what typographical treatment best emotes that city. Past features include New York, Kingston, Berlin, Barcelona and Hong Kong. The current feature is the ‘The City of a Thousand Minarets’, the North African city and capital of Egypt, Cairo. From the 100+ selected submissions we showcase a selection of our favourites above.



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