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There are two gents in Johannesburg who have found catharsis from the dead ends of Apartheid that attach to most youngsters still living close to poverty in South Africa. For many of those youth, they wouldn’t be that close to poverty if it wasn’t for Apartheid, if it wasn’t for a regime which kept the dreams and hopes of their elders squashed.

Kabelo Kungwane and Wande Lephoto with Madala Mahlomula

L to R | Kabelo Kungwane, Madala Mahlomula, Wande Lephoto


Everything is fashion, sartorially speaking, for Kabelo Kungwane and Wande Lephoto are tailoring a fresh outlook for those who came before them, by the way they dress. Bending the word sartorial to fit their needs, much in the same fashion as they have the dreams of those who have come before them, the pair have christened themselves The Sartists, fitting as the root is latin for ‘patching up.

Sartorial. By channeling the unfulfilled dreams and journeys of their elders into their shoots and stories, The Sartists have made themselves a vector for those who came before them; ‘they live through us… to remind them that those dreams aren’t lost.’’

With this intended meaning in mind, their candid fashion story inspired by forgotten faces with Madala(Old Man) Mahlomula rings sweeter. Mahlomula once dreamed of becoming a well known tailor and stylist, but could not live this dream. The Sartists in high approach have included him in a photo-set to remind him that those dreams aren’t lost, they continue to live through them.



Clothes styled and tweed ties made by The Sartists, Kabelo Kungwane and Wande Lephoto.
Photography | Mzu Nhlabati
Older Gentleman | Grandpa Mahlomula
Location | Alexandra Township, South Africa


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Written by Kyle Tregurtha


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