Brett Lloyd | Always the Lonely Boy

Thumb through the passport and go.
Vamoose onto the next adventure.
Displaced. Sullen. Disillusioned.
 Throw on a Jacket and go.
A loner.
 Pack something special and close to the heart, even if it is a J. W Anderson sweater.
There’s no comprehensive plan here, just you and me in Africa.
Our own secretive quiet moments.

Coat: Yang Li, Shirt: Raf Simons, Suit Jacket: Saint Laurent, Trousers: Saint Laurent. Shoes: Saint Laurent, Dog Collar: Stylist’s Own

Spend just a short time clicking through the pages of Brett Lloyd’s online archive and his romance with sacred, personal moments becomes almost fragrant. ’Tis this same concentrate which suffuses Dakar Rally, his latest story commissioned by Modern Weekly in China, and shot on location in Dakar.

The brief began with the rather abstract theme of ‘South’ which, according to stylist Niklas Bildstein quickly evolved into upending the norm, giving rise to the surreal hyper reality feeling of ‘Dakar Rally.’

Bildstein muses; “Dakar has a pretty dark history, which I think is important to bare in mind and reflect over. Objects (like clothes) only have the value we choose to apply to them. I don’t think you can change who you are by buying a jacket, but you might be able to distort someones impression of you.”

An inadvertent  aroma of political agenda wafts by when we meet a resident school boy in head-to-toe Raf Simons, subverting our idea of the kind of beauty that is possible in Africa. Bildstein assures this is not the point of Dakar Rally even though the images build new memories out of broken, foregone conclusions. Whatever happens, happens. Throw on a Givenchy coat and go. The chances are ours to take.

Jumpsuit: Doursoux Army Surplus Paris, MA-1 Jacket: Komakino, Utility Vest: Art-piece by Matteo Giordano, Boots: Paraboot

Knitwear: Z Zegna, Trousers, including belt: Z Zegna, Bracelets: Stylist’s Own, Shoes: Calvin Klein Collection

Patterned Cotton Shirt: Louis Vuitton, Necklace: Regina Dab Dab, Tie-Dye Pants: Stylist’s Own

Jil Sander Cotton Shirt, Lanvin Silk Shirt
Calvin Klein Collection Suede Jacket, Margiela Belt, Balenciaga Trousers, Pins: Stylist’s Own, Silver Jewelry & Rings: Dary’s

Shirt: Fendi, Jacket: Versace, Trousers: Versace, Loafers: Gucci

Knitted top: Gucci, Wide-Leg Denim: Martine Rose, Belt: Doursoux Army Surplus Paris, Helmet: Art Piece by Matteo Giordano

Boy 1 | Jacket: Raf Simons, Shorts: Raf Simons, T-Shirt: Stylist’s Own, Scarf: Yohji Yamamoto, Belt: Stylist’s Own, Necklace: Dary’s, Backpack: Model’s Own
Boy 2 | Suit Jacket: Lanvin, T-Shirt: Lanvin, Scarf: Stylist’s Own, Necklace: Dary’s, Backpack: Model’s Own Shorts: Lanvin, Bracelets: Model’s Own

2 Silk Coats worn over one another: Givenchy, Shorts: Lanvin, Socks: Falke, Boots: Paraboot,
Necklace: Dary’s, Bracelet: Stylist’s Own, Glasses: Stylist’s Own

Shirt Worn underneath: Givenchy, Jacket: Prada, Trousers: Prada, Loafers: Gucci, Necklaces: Dary’s

Mesh T-Shirt: Calvin Klein Collection. Mesh T-Shirt with Print: Stylist’s Own, Vinyl Pants: Saint Laurent, Necklaces: Stylist’s Own

Trashed Silk Shirt: Stylist’s Own, Knitted Top: J.W. Anderson, T-Shirt worn underneath: Calvin Klein, Trousers: Berluti, Sneakers: Raf Simons

Shirt: Jil Sander, Cashmere Tank-top: Prada Denim Shorts: Marques’ Almeida, Socks: Stylist’s Own,
Shoes: Prada, Bag: Stylist’s Own, Bracelets: Stylist’s Own

‘Dakar Rally’, Spring | Summer 2013 issue no. 748 of Modern Weekly China magazine.

Polo-Neck: J.W. Anderson, Dog Collars: Stylist’s Own Nose-Jewelry: Givenchy


Images for ‘Dakar Rally’ feature Sylvester Ulv Henrikson at FM Agency photographed by Brett Lloyd. Photography assistant Peter Fingleton. Styling by Niklas Bilderstein Zaar, who was assisted by Margaux Sirejacob, Agatha Kowalewski and Sarah Schofield. Grooming by Karin Westerlund. Produced by Matthew Tinari.



Raised in Yorkshire and schooled  in Hull, Brett Lloyd moved to London where he started working professionally as a photographer in 2008. Since, he has shot for Vogue Homme Japan, British and Japanese Dazed & Confused, i-D and GQ Style. Lloyd self-published a loose-leaf book, ‘The Quieter Poster Boys’, documenting the gents he met couch surfing through Europe and Myspace which is available at Opening Ceremony.

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Written by Kyle Tregurtha.


Dakar | Doing our part to combat immappancy


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