Bridging Generational Worlds of Culture

How do we remember difficult pasts in contemporary society? Candice Jansen hears from Joana Choumali about bridging generational worlds of culture in her award-winning photography project about the last generation of men and…


The Monumental Landscape: François-Xavier Gbré in conversation with Brendan Wattenberg and Emmanuel Iduma

© François-Xavier Gbré, Swimming pool III, Bamako, 2009. Courtesy of Galerie Cécile Fakhoury, Abidjan.   In the summer of 2010, François-Xavier Gbré was sent to assist an eminent American photographer on a fashion…


Textures of Small Realities

What do  photographers  make of  vulnerability in documentary? Léonard Pongo ruminates on this and other questions with Candice Jansen in conversation about his award-winning work, The Uncanny.   © Leonard Pongo. Untitled, from…


The Work of Love Radio

How do we create stories that reflect the layered complexity of societies living in the aftermath of conflict? Candice Jansen hears from Anoek Steketee, co-creator of Love Radio, an award-winning transmedia documentary project…


The Cost of Metal

What becomes of the human toll behind the mining industry? Candice Jansen hears from Ilan Godfrey, a photographer who brings our attention to the contemporary realities of mining in a changing South Africa….


Free Associations, the Ontological Desire of Photography

From operator to spectator; ‘incidents of mirror travel’ at the Cape through Metallurgy, a photographic series by Caroline Mackintosh.

Ojeikere, A Compelling Monograph on a Photographic Legend

Ojeikere, A Compelling Monograph on a Photographic Legend

J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere’s iconic black and white images chronicle more than six decades of societal, historic and cultural shifts across Nigeria. His hip studio portraits document west African flair. Images of architectural landscapes…

Photographs in Between Place and Memory

Photographs in Between Place and Memory

Reviewing a monograph on Ugandan photographer Deo Kyakulagira’s archives Image from the book Ebifananyi I: The Photographer: Deo Kyakulagira   Photographs often testify in the court of the real. In this case, the…

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