Kwani? A Journal's claim to the New Kenya

Kwani? A Journal’s claim to the New Kenya

As the brainchild of Caine Prize winner Binyavanga Wainaina, Kwani? Journal boasts a history of provocative writings on identity and the nation of Kenya, changing the image of Kenyan literature worldwide. Kwani? 07…

Tony Allen, In it for the Music

Tony Allen | In it for the Music

A review of Tony Allen: An Autobiography of the Master Drummer of Afrobeat. Tony Allen’s autobiography is an epic narrative tracing the life and times of an iconic Nigerian musician.

I to You is vertical | Megumi Matsubara

Megumi Matsubara | I to You is Vertical

If you walk into a wall, will it hurt. Yet what if that wall was discreet, maybe even fragile, sometimes present or invisible. Could we perceive it? There is always an invitation, to…

Rais Neza Boneza | A Bird of Love in Exile

In 1910, a relatively unknown Igor Stravinsky composed his first orchestral dance suite The Firebird. Stravinsky drew on Slavic folklore to orchestrate the magical firebird; a ballet that alighted the Russian composer’s career….

Diriye Osman | F is for Fairytales

Diriye Osman is a short story writer and illustrator bringing much needed power, panache and pretty to the genre. His first collection of short stories Fairytales For Lost Children traces the lives of…

Tolerence & Humility, Brooding Letters to Nigeria

Tolerence & Humility, Brooding Letters to Nigeria

Ever since I can recall, road travel has terrified me. It may have something to do with the grotesque scenes of road accidents splayed in the papers. Back in the 1990s, that was…

Together in the Picture

Together in the Picture

John Peffer scans the photographic styles that image a black South African self outside the Apartheid frames of negation, negativity and separation.   Senyane Boshielo holding her wedding portrait, produced by Alpheus Gwangwa…

A Day in Fès

A Day in Fès

            When you called, I knew I had to hurry.         I will put you in a thrilling cage.          I rarely…

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