Jim Naughten | A Namibian Pain Swathed, Festooned Away

Jim Naughten | A Namibian Pain Swathed, Festooned Away

Jim Naughten, Hereros In my childhood, always with deep allure, at times to the point of preoccupation I would keep my eyes peeled for them. When it happened, among the fridges of a supermarket…

Invenzioni e Capricci

Invenzioni e Capricci

Floral whimsy through the ages, from Italian renaissance painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo, to the photography of German-born Hans Silvester previously featured in the story Oh To Be So Adroit capturing the visual wonders and ornamentation…

Oh To Be So Adroit

  “Body painting, as practiced here in East Africa, the cradle of humanity, seems to me to represent a way of life that dates from prehistory and once enabled humankind to overcome the…

The Shaded Spectacle

The Shaded Spectacle

The imaginary evolution of the spectacle, from beaded head-dresses, finely woven metal fringed visors to venetian blind and shutter shade sunglasses.

Farewell My Africa | Mirella Ricciardi

Farewell My Africa

  When you have been born in Africa you are marked by Africa and wherever you go, you are a displaced person, for you have two identities — Mirella Ricciardi

Out of Africa: Samburu Warriors in New York

Lesiit and his compadres visited New York this past May 2011, it seems like it would have been a sight to behold. The juxtaposition of their striking beauty and traditional Samburu garb superimposed…

Afikpo | On My Mind

Beauty in the Eye of the Beheld: Afikpo Masks

The artistry of Nigerian Afikpo masks strikes a visual chord so clear and beautiful. Cultural anthropologist Dr. Simon Ottenberg documented the traditions of this region during the 1950’s – 60’s, that resulted in an…

Seydou Keita

Dapper Dandies of Bamako

Several weeks back, randomly walking by this rare book seller in New York an image that I recall seeing before caught my eye. Stepping in, I asked to view the book that lay…

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