Go South, Young Man

Fashion in all of its possibilities remains a space for the expressive individual, whether it be of the restrained variety or be it swinging to the exuberant side of the pendulum. There have…

Fashion's Maverick of The Arts

Stella Jean | Fashion’s Maverick of The Arts

Ever since her eponymous fashion label was set to orbit the international fashion sphere merely three years ago, Stella Jean has been appearing on the radar of some of the industry’s most discerning opinion leaders. Jean’s…

Trine Lindegaard | Mind(s) The Credibility Gap

Trine Lindegaard | Mind(s) The Credibility Gap

The whole lot becomes some ugly and ignoble affair; every designer ‘inspired by Africa’ a lightly concuss character immunised against contact on the intuition level. The mass clamor of grand sighs on how…

Pre-loved Designs

Yinka Ilori | Upcyling Designer

Passionate, is an appropriate term to describe London born, Nigerian furniture maker Yinka Ilori. A young talent, his vision is to create a bespoke yet sustainable design collection. By sourcing used, vintage or…

Folorunsho, An Abundant Concept

Folorunsho, An Abundant Concept

The more you give the more you get! Whenever you share with others you realise how much you have. When you give, you feel rich. We want to share with you all we…

BUKI AKIB | Crafting At The Core Of Luxury

Buki Akib | Crafting At The Core Of Luxury

Luxury brands are usually synonymous with craftsmanship, exclusivity and premium products 

Schier Boots, Made For More Than Walking

Schier Boots, Made For More Than Walking

Artisanal, handmade, leather that ages well.  What more could we ask for when it comes to the modern desert boot, aside from comfort? Well what about a bit of neon detailing, or a…

Georgie, Decidely A Cheetah

Georgie, Decidedly A Cheetah

Last summer there were rumblings through the grapevine about a New York-based model launching a sustainable water project in West Africa.  That tenacious individual is the statuesque Burkinabe, Georgie Badiel. My love and…

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