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A Critical Perspective on Emerging Artistic Practice in Angola

Curator Suzana Sousa discusses the need for efficient arts infrastructure in light of the contributions of young artists in reshaping the local artistic discourse. View of the exhibition «No Fly Zone» at Museu…


Propelling Art to new Frontiers in Angola

Luanda-based artist RitaGT considers the impact of art collective and the influence of the city on her practice. © RitaGT. Axiluanda, 2014 . Courtesy of the artist. Whilst visiting Angola in 2009,  itinerant…


The Sound of James Webb

  A pioneering artist working with sound in South Africa, James Webb often crafts cinematic and theatrical installations and masterly subtle public interventions. Inspired by the notions of belief and communication, his conceptually…


Tracing Emerging Artistic Practice in Zimbabwe

Owing to almost a decade long financial crisis that characterised much of the 2000s, Zimbabwe’s local art scene has faced many significant infrastructural and monetary challenges. The turbulent economy-which only subsided in 2009-…


Wangechi Mutu Takes On Transmutation As a New Form of Existentialism

© Wangechi Mutu. Beneath lies the Power, 2014. Courtesy the Artist and Victoria Miro, London.   Wangechi Mutu draws from stances as varied as East African folklore, Western popular culture, gender, sexuality, race,…


Rethinking institutional approaches to emerging artistic practice in Zimbabwe

In conversation with First Floor Gallery on the responsibility of artistic institutions in shaping emerging discourse. Self-declared as Zimbabwe’s first emerging artist-run gallery and operating in a country where the majority of the…


Surveying Zimbabwe’s Artistic Landscape

Bulawayo based curator Mthabisi Phili shares thoughts on the current state of the arts  and education in Zimbabwe  Working simultaneously as both an independent curator and founder of Voices in Colour, an organisation…


Humble Jerry Cans Transformed into Striking Political Masks

Artist Romuald Hazoumè’s modern day reinterpretations of a traditional practice – masking – speaks volumes on cultural imperialism, black markets and death.

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