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Nadia Kaabi-Linke | Janus-Faced Realities

Can subjectivity be mitigated? Ideas assumed to be ‘true’ are relative. They depend on systems of meanings and cultural behaviours; they derive from personal experiences, understandings, and opinions. Trying to limit and contain…


In search of body and soul with Theo Eshetu

I will never forget the first time I got lost in Anima Mundi, a video installation by Theo Eshetu, which was shown at Pioneer Works at the booth for Axis Gallery, in Brooklyn…


Amina Menia | Stepping Into The Breach, The Polemics of Place

Art has the potential to fill gaps and cover ellipses; it might even be a response to a social or political urgency. According to Maria Lind and Hito Steyerl [1], ‘Historically, the documentary…


Safâa Erruas | The (Un)Bearable Lightness of Being

How do we grasp life in all its paradoxes and conciliate opposites, especially when we are perpetually at the crossroads of rational and emotional realities?   Safâa Erruas, Untitled, 2012. Installation with piano…


Zineb Sedira | Revealing in Reel Time

How are fragmented histories and memories captured, especially traumatic ones? Can language and communication reflect experiences loyally and in their entirety, or are ellipses inevitable? Isn’t reality itself an ambiguous notion? * Click…


Always Emerging, Never Established: Africa’s Presence at the 2016 Armory Show

The Significance of Language in Contemporary African Art Criticism William Kentridge, detail from Untitled (Whispering in the Leaves), 2016. Indian ink on found paper. 9 drawings. 36.5 x 41.5 cm each. Goodman Gallery…


Nicène Kossentini | Sign(s) of the Time(s)

What is left when our landmarks and memories disappear? Moreover, in an ever-changing world whose metamorphic pace is verging towards the frenetic, how is our ability to think and dream being influenced?  …


An Artist’s Perspective on Africa at the Armory: An Interview with Ato Malinda

Ato Malinda. On Fait Ensemble, film still from video, 2010. Courtesy of Circle Art Gallery.   Ato Malinda is a dynamic artist who has gained international prominence for her performance and video works….

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