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Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou | Demoiselles de Porto-Novo

Existing within the faded walls of a family home at the centre of one city’s complex history, these are the Demoiselles de Porto Novo. © Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou. Untitled from the series Demoiselles…


Berlin to Bulawayo: In Conversation with South African artist Thabiso Sekgala

© Thabiso Sekgala. Jane Nkuna, Londing (Kwandebele) 2010. Courtesy the artist & The Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg and Cape Town.   I first met Thabiso Sekgala in June 2013 at The Walther Collection in…

In Conversation with Emeka Ogboh on Lagos Soundscapes

In Conversation With Emeka Ogboh on Lagos, and Listening To The World In a Musical Way

Spring makes noise. And the spring of 2011 seemed to make more of it – different kinds, and more than usual.


Jelili Atiku | A Performance Artists’ Efforts Towards Visual Education & Change

Jelili Atiku invites spectators to become a component of social development, an opportunity to recalibrate their reality and renew their perceptions. Atiku utilises a plethora of methods and media coupled with his acute focus to undertake…

Next Chapter: Inquiries into emerging art practices

Next Chapter: Inquiries into emerging art practices

© Mohamed Arejdal. Qui Tiandra L’Afrique Tiandra Le Ciel. In-situ installation. Morocco, 2012. Photo by Younèes Baba-Ali. As we reach the midway point of 2014, one of the highlights of this year has…

Cyprien Tokoudagba | Vodun, Animalia and the Twelve Kings of Abomey

Cyprien Tokoudagba | Vodun, Animalia and the Twelve Kings of Abomey

The late Cyprien Tokoudagba had an undeniable talent for crafting windows into complex spiritual planes. These worlds are dominated by the haunting visages of animal and human hybrids, saturated with the diversity of…

Dak'Art 2014 Makes Contemporary African Art Visible

Dak’Art 2014 Makes Contemporary African Art Visible

The much anticipated 11th edition of Africa’s longest running contemporary art biennial, Dak’Art opened earlier this month on May 9th. The seminal platform established by the Senegalese government in 1989, aims to be…



Whose voices represent half of the world’s population? Those born in 1989 and later. They are only now beginning to be heard and made more prolific by the digital age which also so…

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