Schier Boots, Made For More Than Walking

Artisanal, handmade, leather that ages well.  What more could we ask for when it comes to the modern desert boot, aside from comfort? Well what about a bit of neon detailing, or a faux cheetah print or even a little tuft of fur paying homage to the kudu antelope from whence the ‘velskoen‘, or ‘vellies’ as they are fondly called, and are made from.

The last time we heard of a boot making inroads into the domain of trendy, and I acquiesce on the usage of trendy, they too came from the Southern Hemisphere.  For fear of entering fashion purgatory – permanently, I hesitate to utter the “U” brand’s name. Worry not, Herbert Schier boots  I am relieved to say are not a strange anomaly of the absurd. Made in the sleepy coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia, they not only score high marks in form and function, the brand offers both a classic and staid range for the subdued wardrobe yet also give seasonal options, with fashion-forward choices.

This season Schier has courted one of New York’s trendiest fashion outposts, Opening Ceremony for which they have created numerous exclusive models.  Not afraid to take this desert boot beyond well worn turf, Schier x OC have produced some of the brand’s most innovative pieces. They seem to be striking all the right chords; for clientele in its own stomping grounds of southern Africa, Schier has reinvented a classic, for style thirsty consumers always on the hunt for a great product and story whether they be in Kanazawa, London or New York, Schier fits the bill. From the pilot that steps into Emirates headquarters donning a pair, to Emily the die-hard fan who has hung on to the same vellies for the last 8 years, and the Khoisan oumas (grannies) on the veld, what is resoundingly clear is that if you want to know what comes between them and their vellies? Nothing!

Find Schier at on twitter @herbertschier and facebook.


Images courtesy of Herbert Schier and Jason Eric Hardwick.

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