Oct 2012 | Art Exhibition Recommendations

Another Africa’s top picks for exhibitions in October around the globe. From Antananarivo, Brazzaville to Denver, Doha, Durban, Libreville, Kampala and more contemporary Africana abounds.

Discover the dialogue within the realm of contemporary Africana, the hot topics being proposed by the artists and curators, that are actively widening the intellectual field and encouraging dialogue.


Hotel du Louvre | Pierrot Men | Il était une femme…
Oct.4 – Oct.16
Pierrot Men, Il était une femme. Courtesy of the artist.

Pierrot Men. La mer comme quotidien, 2011. Courtesy of the artist.

Celebrating Malagasy photographer Pierrot Men’s latest book, Il était une femme…, publisher No Comment editions organises a short exhibition of selected images. Pierrot Men’s images capture moments of life, faces, expressions that poetically tell the lives of women in Madagascar.

Hotel du Louvre | Antaninarenina, Antananarivo 10, Madagascar | More info



French Institute Congo | Kiripi Katembo | Mutations
Sep.12 – Oct.28


Kiripi Katembo, Mutations, 2012. Courtesy of the artist.

Kiripi Katembo is recognised for his beautiful photographic series focusing on the puddles of Kinshasa exhibited at Bamako Encounters, 2011. Images as poetic footprints through their fascinating composition that blurred the lines between photography and digital retouching, between document and artistic research. In Mutations, his latest body of work, the Congolese artist steps back, both literally and figuratively. As in his previous work, Katembo presents a vision of Central Africa’s cities where beauty emerges from chaos.

French Institute | Espace André Malraux, Rond-point des Anciens Combattants, BP 2141, Brazzaville | More info



Stevenson Gallery | Odili Donald Odita | Event Horizon
Oct.18 – Nov.24

Odili Donald Odita, Plane Shifter, 2012.

Odili Donald Odita, Plane Shifter, 2012. Courtesy of the artist and Stevenson Gallery

Event Horizon, an exhibition of six new paintings by Nigerian-born artist Odili Donald Odita. Since his last solo exhibition in Cape Town in 2008, Odita has created large murals at the US Mission to the United Nations in 2010; the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, in 2011; and a stained-glass installation in the 20th Avenue subway station in New York in 2012. These site-specific installations are three-dimensional counterparts to his paintings on canvas, and together they reveal the development of Odita’s life-long meditation on colour.

Oct.19 11am. The artist will be present to give a walkabout of his exhibition.

Stevenson Gallery | Buchanan Building, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town | More info



Denver Art Museum | El Anatsui | When I Last Wrote to You about Africa
Sep.9 – Dec.30

A detail from El Anatsui's "Stressed World." Photo | Denver Post

A detail from El Anatsui’s “Stressed World.” Photo | Denver Post

El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You about Africa brings together the full range of the artist’s work from early wood trays to ceramics and wooden sculptures to the luminous metal wall sculptures that have brought the artist international acclaim. The exhibition explores Anatsui’s unique practice of transforming modest materials into striking works of art that tell personal and universal stories. The first retrospective of the contemporary artist’s work, this exhibition offers an unprecedented opportunity to follow Anatsui’s creative development and process over 40 years.

Denver Art Museum | Hamilton Building – Level 4, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver | More info



Katara Arts Centre | Ibrahim El-Salahi | A Visionary Modernist
Oct.4 – Nov.27

Ibrahim El-Salahi, The Bull and the Mint Shrub, 1972.

Ibrahim El-Salahi, The Bull and the Mint Shrub, 1972. Collection of the artist. Photo | Museum for African Art | Andy Keate.

Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary Modernist, a retrospective of acclaimed Sudanese artist, Ibrahim El-Salahi. His body of work is not bound within one style nor is it constrained by the early parameters of Sudanese aesthetic practices. His paintings combine a critical understanding of western art principles with references to Sudanese and Islamic art forms; his trademark linear style remains a preeminent unifying device expressing the intuitive merging of Islamic spirituality with critical social consciousness. Including approximately 80 works encompassing over five decades of the artist’s career, this retrospective highlights drawings and paintings from international institutions and private collections. A Visionary Modernist, guest curated by Salah M. Hassan follows work produced during El-Salahi’s travels and ongoing spiritual journey.

Katara Art Centre | Cultural Village,  Building 5 , Doha, Qatar  | More info



KNZSA | David Yudelman | Life Under Democracy
Oct.2 – Oct.21.2013
David Yudelman. Homeless woman - Gardens, Cape Town.

David Yudelman. Homeless woman – Gardens, Cape Town. Courtesy of the artist./span>

Life under Democracy, a solo photographic exhibition by Dale Yudelman, the first winner of the Ernest Cole Award. In 2011, Yudelmen was inspired by apartheid era photography of renown figure Ernest Cole. Yudelman’s new series looks at life under democracy and where we are after eighteen years of liberation. Many of the images were shot in passing and are personal daily reflections – while others involve more deliberate excursions. In Life under Democracy, Yudelman returns to the areas he photographed in the eighties, for the series, Suburbs in Paradise, which cross-examines white suburbia under the influence of legislated segregation.

KZNSA Gallery | 166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban | More info



Kampala Contemporary Art Festival | 12 Boxes Moving
Oct.7 – Oct.14


Uganda’s first contemporary art festival takes to the streets of Kampala to present the work of twelve selected artists in 12 venues. Titled ’12 Boxes moving’, the 7 day show will feature a dozen 20ft sea containers that have been transformed by artists. These structures, common to the city’s landscape and often used as shops, storage and shelter, will become individual exhibition spaces to showcase the work of Uganda’s visual artists. This bi-annual event is a unique collaboration between eight arts organisations in Kampala.

Artists | Bwambale Ivan Allan, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, Eria Nsubuga ‘Sane’, Eric Mukalazi, Lilian Mary Nabulime, Ronex, Ruganzu Bruno, Sanaa Gateja, Stella Atal, Sue Crozier Thorburn, Waswad and Xenson.

For information on venues visit | klaart012.org and on facebook



Onomo Libreville Hotel | Fabrice Monteiro | Signares
Oct.1 – Mar.1.2013


Fabrice Monteiro, Signares. Courtesy of the artist.  

Operating between the borders of photojournalism and fashion photography, Belgian/Beninese artist Fabrice Monteiro presents sixteen images in Signares, a visual homage to the metis belles of Senegal of Gorée, St Louis and de la Petite Côte, women who left their indelible mark on the colonial history of this west African nation.

Onomo Hotel | La Sablière , Route Angondje Quartier Ambassade US /Aéroport BP 23791 Libreville | More info



Jack Bell Gallery | David Chancellor | Hunters
Oct.30 – Nov.10

David Chancellor. Hunters, 2012.

David Chancellor, Hunters, 2012. Courtesy of Jack Bell Gallery.

Hunters, a solo photographic exhibition of South Africa based photographer, David Chancellor documenting the tourist trophy hunting industry in Africa today. In 23 sub-Saharan countries trophy hunting occurs where traditional landowners have switched from farming livestock to big game. The hunters portrayed are not landed gentry of the 19th Century, they are people of today,  hedge fund managers, surgeons, doctors and attorneys. This body of work explores the complex relationship that exists between man and animal sharing terrain, the hunter and the hunted, as both struggle to adapt to their changing environments.

Jack Bell Gallery | 13 Mason’s Yard London SWIY 5BU  | More info


October Gallery | Gérard Quenum | Dolls Never Die
Sep.20 – Oct.27


Gérard Quenum, Moinillon (Little Monk), 2012. Courtesy of October Gallery.

Dolls Never Die, Beninese artist Gérard Quenum second solo show at October Gallery presents a series of new sculptures and an installation composed of recycled objects whose diverse histories contribute much to the overall significance of the pieces themselves. Like many of his contemporaries coming out of Africa, Quenum’s work is composed of an eclectic mix of recycled objets trouvés – that elevates the pieces into poignant, mysterious and whimsical ‘portraits’ of individuals or types observed in his local environment. These ‘portraits’ serve as a lens through which we view Africa.

October Gallery | 24 Old Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AL  | More info


Paradise Row | To Photograph The Details of a Dark Horse in Low Light
Sep.13 – Oct.20

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Magic and the state #5, 2012.

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Magic and the state #5, 2012. Courtesy of the artists and Paradise Row  Gallery.

To Photograph The Details of a Dark Horse in Low Light, a solo show by duo Adam Broomberg & Olivier Chanarin makes reference to the coded phrase used by Kodak to describe the capabilities of a new film stock developed in the early 80’s to address the inability of their earlier films to accurately render dark skin. In response to a commission to ‘document’ Gabon, Broomberg and Chanarin recently made several trips to the country to photograph a series of rare Bwiti initiation rituals, using only Kodak film stock that had expired in the late 1950’s. In this wide-ranging meditation on the relationship between photography and race, the artists continue to scrutinise the photographic medium, leading viewers through a convoluted history lesson; a combination of found images, rescued artifacts and unstable new photographic works.

Paradise Row Gallery |4a Newman Street, London W1T 3DB  | More info

* Paris Photo | Nov.16 | Photographic documents, appropriation and forms of archival and historical reconstruction: Adam Broomberg, Oliver Chanarin and Akram Zaatari in conversation with Urs Stahel.



Bibliothèque départementale | Denis Dailleux | Egypte, claire et obscure
Sep.15 – Dec.22

Denis Dailleux, In the station of Alexandria.

Denis Dailleux, In the station of Alexandria. Courtesy of the artist and  Gallery Camera Obscura.

With Egypte, claire et obscure, Denis Dailleux takes viewers through the maze like streets of Cairo, its historic palaces and mosques of today. In craving to capture life’s random intersections, in Denis Dailleux’s oeuvre we discover the excitement of the streets and are taken behind the scenes to Cairo’s cafes. There we find his tableaux vivants. In other situs we see the cities inhabitants engaged in religious practices, both Muslim and Coptic. Throughout these various settings, Dailleux’s photography bears witness and pays tribute to the vibrancy of life in a modern Egypt.

Bibliothèque départementale des Bouches-du-Rhône | 20, rue Mirès 13303 Marseille | more info



Musée Dapper | Design in Africa
Oct.10 – Jul.14.2013

 Nana Philip kodjo Gorkelu, Asafoatse Gorkelu IV  on a Mercedes palanquin. Photo Daniel Lainé.

Nana Philip kodjo Gorkelu, Asafoatse Gorkelu IV on a Mercedes palanquin. Photo Daniel Lainé.

Design in Africa reveals a world primarily concerned with objects that are used as supports for the human body. Their conception bears witness to creativity getting to grips with the attitudes, movements and forms of decoration. A dialogue between form and function results in objects that may be either comfortable or prestigious. The exhibition and book do not aim to pit new against the old, but rather to show the extent to which everyday needs have always stimulated creativity.

Musée Dapper | 35 bis, rue Paul Valéry – 75116 Paris  | More info

Galerie Amarrage | Zimbabwe, Phillipe Berry, Joe Big-Big
Oct.11 – Nov.11
Zimbabwe, Phillipe Berry, Big Joe Big

L | Phillipe Berry, Trois beaux ballons R |Lincoln Muteta.

Zimbabwe, Phillipe Berry, Joe Big-Big, a group exhibition devoted to sculpture presents work by numerous Zimbawean artists, and artists who have sojourned in Zimbabwe. Though each artists work presents differing sensibilities, the works find commonality in their simplicity of form, their expressive characteristics and playful subversion of the ridigity of stone and bronze. The late artists Fanizani Akuda and Colleen Madamombe, of whom pieces are included, belong to the 1950’s generation who gave birth to Zimbabwe’s serpentine stone sculptural movement. Works from this period gained international acclaim and  were exhibited at institutions such as the Rodin Museum, Le Centre Pomipdou and the Henry Moore Foundation. This movement has continued to influence generations of artists in Zimbabwe and beyond. This inaugural outdoor installation brings old and new generations together, with new sculptors presenting a renewed vision of contemporary sculpture.

Artists | Fanizani Akuda (Zimbawe), Witness Bonjisi (Zimbawe), Lincoln Muteta(Zimbawe), Zachariah Njobo (Zimbawe), Colleen Madamombe (Zimbawe), Philippe Berry (France) and Joe-Big-Big (Ghana).

Galerie Amarrage || 88, rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen, France | More info



French Institute Valencia| Pierrot Men | Instants de vida en Madagascar
Oct.5 – Nov.16

Pierrot Men. Couleurs malgaches 1. Courtesy of the artist.

Pierrot Men. Couleurs malgaches 1. Courtesy of the artist.

Instants de vida en Madagascar, Malagasy photographer Pierrot Men’s first showing in Spain. His images are taken mostly on the island of Madagascar, famous for their composition and the subtle atmosphere that emanates the beauty of places and people photographed. Men is considered one of the greatest of contemporary African photographers,  Africa’s Cartier-Bresson.

French Institute Valencia |  6 rue Moro Zeit – 46001 Valencia, Spain | More info


Hilger BrotKunsthalle | Come Invest In Us. You’ll Strike Gold
Sept.10 – Nov.3
Come Invest in Us, You'll Strike Gold
“Come Invest in Us. You’ll Strike Gold,” refers to the words spoken by Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika after being elected for the first time in 1999. As much as this was an economic promise addressed to his country, it was also a seductive wink to foreign investors. Since then, entrepreneurs have indeed honored his invitation with the heavy support of various international governments. Based on artist Djamel Kokene’s eponymous work, Come Invest in Us. You’ll Strike Gold – The Exhibition produced in collaboration with the Nadour collection, scrutinizes the scope of Western, as well as Arab, economic and financial interests at stake in the MENA region, interests that the recent popular uprisings and concurrent international political gamesmanship and strategic maneuvering have only made more blatant.

Artists | Adel Abidin (Iraq), Haig Aivazian (Lebanon), Kader Attia (Algeria), Fayçal Baghriche (Algeria), Taysir Batniji (Palestine), Shahram Entekhabi (Iran), Ninar Esber (Lebanon), Karim Ghelloussi (Algeria), Babak Golkar (Iran), Babak Kazemi (Iran), Bouchra Khalili (Morocco), Majida Khattari (Morocco), Djamel Kokene (Algeria), Ahmed Mater (Saudi Arabia), Leila Pazooki (Iran), Sara Rahbar (Iran), Baktash Sarang (Iran) , Sama Al Shaibi (Iraq/ Palestine), Oraib Toukan (Jordan) and Hajra Waheed (Saudi Arabia).

Hilger BrotKunsthalle, 1100 Vienna, Austria, Absberggasse 27 / Stair 1 | More Info


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