Megumi Matsubara | I to You is Vertical

If you walk into a wall, will it hurt. Yet what if that wall was discreet, maybe even fragile, sometimes present or invisible. Could we perceive it? There is always an invitation, to see what lies before us.

Fès’ Medina is a city of walls. A labyrinth, its narrow paths exceed nine thousand streets. These walls shelter her inhabitants that live behind, all the while connecting them to the skies and birds above. In this labyrinth, lies a nest that welcomes visitors. Open to its surroundings, they fly in and out.

During the summer of 2013, an artist hosted visitors in Fès. Each journeying at different times and from different places. The following is a short account by four of those visitors followed by the artist’s photo diary.




I to You is vertical

Megumi Matsubara


Fès, summer 2013


Be Us in front of I.

Forget walls. Forget boundaries. Even forget your bodies and diaries.

When everything is gone,


Stay – there.

If you are looking at yourself, you are two.


One of them should go.

I barely go out in the light.


Yet eyes blindly follow an illuminated path.

I witness no event in the kitchen.


And I witness all flowers are naked.

My room has space for few things:


A cat, a globe, chairs, flowers, music, a few books, broken glass.

I welcome visitors:


Wind, light, flies, sounds of screaming kids, morning birds, prayers, occasional guests.

The moon visits my room every afternoon.


She never takes anything from me and never forgets to leave.

In moonlight, my dress wears no single colour.


In Morocco, a drop of red turns wine from white to gray.

Red: the first colour that disappears in the dark.


With your eyes open, put out the light to empty the frame.

I call my cat Never.


Never lives between two realities; a reality of insomnia and that of hypersomnia.

A healthy plant. He is not afraid of gravity.


Deeply rooted, he can bend to the ground to greet.

Visitors, don’t come and go so fast.


You make me believe things repeat.

Stay in my picture. Be.


Then who can tell the difference between you and me?

I to You is vertical.





Text & Photography by Megumi Matsubara

Introduction by: Jite Brume, Missla Libsekal, Marianna Rentzou, Merce Rodrigo Garcia







Jite Brume is an architect of Nigerian origin who practices in the realm of landscapes. She currently lives on a Dutch boat which often harbors on the Thames.
“To share a nest for as long as it lasts. Inside the eggshell we are light, a double yolk reflecting golden rays…”


Missla Libsekal originally from Ethiopia/Eritrea is the founder and editor in chief of Another Africa. After her years in Tokyo and New York she is now based in Vancouver.
“Light and liminal, feelings and truths shared between her and I. We spoke about furyu (風流), wind and flow…”


Marianna Rentzou is a Greek architect. She completed her studies in Greece, UK and Netherlands and worked at OMA before she became a founding member of Point Supreme Architects.
“Megumi’s apartment is rather a courtyard than living space; its center surrounded by doors and windows…”


Merce Rodrigo Garcia is a Spanish cultural studies theorist based in London. She is currently completing her thesis on ‘boundaries’, especially concerning invisible ones.
“Windows open. Barking echoes outside all night long. I sleep through undisturbed…”


Megumi Matsubara is a Japanese artist whose practice spans from static architecture to ephemeral situations including installation, photography, music and writings. She is a founding member of assistant since 2002. Since 2012, she lives and works between Morocco and Japan.
“‘Journey’ is the present progressive of ‘jour’. A vibratory state of ‘day’.”



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