Ubakagi, a collage series created by Ashkan Honarvar (1980, Iran) based on images from the Belgian Congo between 1885 – 1908. Honarvar’s work is often of the macabre ilk, though this series feels less so. He delves into the human fascination with the dark side of existence probing topics such as the human body, acts of war, disease, human exploitation and identity.


Ashkan Honarvar (1980, Iran) fled from Iran to the Netherlands together with his parents when he was seven years old. In 2007 he graduated in Illustration at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. He is currently based in Utrecht, Netherlands and works as an illustrator, sketch artist and painter and is represented by Galerie La Petite Mort.

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[Images courtesy of the Artist, Ashkan Honarvar]

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