Adornate, 2012.

Natural order
chaos to balance draws me
into your madness

Vince Wilson, 2012

Adornate, is a series created by K.L.V. in collaboration with Another Africa. The images take inspiration from the traditions of the masquerade as found throughout West Africa.  The ingenuity of their creators,  to draw from the closet of mother nature and fashion otherworldly disguises.  Adornate builds on that inspiration, presenting a contemporary take on the age old traditions of adorning and disguising oneself.


UK based milliner Keiron LeVine,  K.L.V. is captivated by the rich and diverse animal kingdom, drawing inspiration from it constantly, and strongly believing in the natural world’s importance to the arts, fashion and indeed life in general. He graduated in Illustration which informed his passion for body adornment in the form of collage, with particular importance to the head. After university, K.L.V. began creating 3-Dimensional headwear from paper or collage, some of which were featured in Winchester Fashion Week 2011. K.L.V.’s love for headwear was intensified upon beginning a millinery internship, where he learnt a wealth of traditional techniques allowing him to appreciate the true art of the hat. Since then K.L.V. has released his first independent headwear collection entitled ‘Ancestors’, inspired by the intrinsic link between human, animal and adornment.

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