Give it Up to Stocktown X South Africa: They in the Hizouse

Gotta give a big shout out and props to Another Africa friends, Sweden-based crew, Stocktown. If you are interested in street culture from around the globe, Stocktown is definitely a good place to take it in.

Since the late 90’s they have been documenting street culture through moving image, exhibitions, festivals etc. and launched their new online video magazine, this past Spring 2011. The launch coincided with their latest release, Stocktown x South Africa, a 30-minute documentary that side-steps all the doom gloom that frankly hogs too much airtime when it comes to Africa.

This video clip, a teaser, shot in Cape Town and Johannesburg has such a great vibe, love the beats thrown down by Durban natives, Dirty Paraffin, “I’ve been hit at my primary school….” [ whom by the way were on the Another Africa x OK Fred playlist]. You get a snippet of the reality that there is a creative movement and individuality present within the youth of South Africa. Which plays exactly into the vision that Stocktown founder, Teddy Goitom expressed in a recent interview with CNN. He hopes that this film will help to encourage young people outside of the continent to take note of Africa’s growing pool of creative talent.

How refreshing to see that this is being shown. The documentary features everything from tagging and graffiti in SA to heavy metal band Ree-burth based out of Soweto, to the Smarteez, a fashion crew of four who really could be totally at home in Harajuku as well as video gamers label 2bop and music band Gazelle. Definitely recommend, do not change the channel, good stuff is ahead!

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