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2014.09 |  Art South Africa, Volume 13  Issue 01 | September 2014, The Interview Issue featuring Another Africa’s Missla Libsekal. [Post Western issue. Discussion between Missla Libsekal and Keiron LeVine on Diptych, disGUISE and Adornate projects  [EbonyLife TV, Lagos based satellite channel features Another Africa as top pick for ‘Best of the Web’.

2013.04 | ID PURE, Volume 31, Sharing the Wealth of Contemporary Africana an interview with Missla Libsekal / Typography + Language + Writing Systems = Afrikan Alphabets an interview with Saki Mafundikwa. [ EDUN, Interviews Missla Libsekal | Spotlight : Another Africa


2012.04 | Arise Magazine Issue 15, Talent Scout. [Another Africa, Unravelling The Hidden Continent. [Lehet más Afrika. [Searching for Another Africa. [Sites We Love : Another Africa. [ online: another africa. [

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