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lettera27 & Megumi Matsubara On Language

“When we close our eyes, what do we see?”: a simple question posed by a Japanese artist opened a door to an exquisite dialogue upon language and its power to communicate. Another Africa…


Tracing Emerging Contemporary Art Practice in Nigeria

Exploring the nexus of Nigeria’s local and diasporic artistic production   © Nkiru Oparah, poetics of reverie, 2014.   Often referred to by some as the “Giant of Africa”, Nigeria has long been…


The Work of Love Radio

How do we create stories that reflect the layered complexity of societies living in the aftermath of conflict? Candice Jansen hears from Anoek Steketee, co-creator of Love Radio, an award-winning transmedia documentary project…


Expanding intercultural dialogue in Nigeria

Marc-Andre Schmachtel on the Goethe-Institut and its commitment to intercultural exchange and local artistic discourse 2012 saw the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Lagos, Nigeria. Originally established in 1962–two…


The Cost of Metal

What becomes of the human toll behind the mining industry? Candice Jansen hears from Ilan Godfrey, a photographer who brings our attention to the contemporary realities of mining in a changing South Africa….


Emerging Abroad: Contributing to Nigerian art from afar

In conversation with Nkechi Ebubedike on her experience as a young artist connected to but working outside of Nigeria   © Nkechi Ebubedike, Bright Boys, 2011.   “Why not focus on any culture’s…


Deciphering the Traditional Symbology of Contemporary Masks

Our intertwined history with the undeniably disparate act of disguise has assured the immeasurable quality of mask design. Masking can be as lighthearted as it is significant – from the playful finishing touch…


Free Associations, the Ontological Desire of Photography

From operator to spectator; ‘incidents of mirror travel’ at the Cape through Metallurgy, a photographic series by Caroline Mackintosh.

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